Designer Profiles

Martin Campbell (MC)

Martin started work at Caithness Oban factory in 1976 and later relocated to the main Perth factory where his considerable glassmaking skills and knowledge were put to good use. He has continued to create the highly intricate Caithness designs and is one of the only maker remaining who can make perfume bottles.



Calum McDougall (CM)

Calum started his career in 1977 with Perthshire paperweights who specialised in millefiori and lampwork designs. In 2002 he joined Caithness Glass (following the closure of Perthshire), where he has continued to create designs using methods that he has mastered, and has also fostered new skills and techniques for making Caithness products.


Scott Sinclair (SS)

Starting his career at Caithness in 1991 as a glassmakers 'helper', Scott progressed to paperweight maker within 12 months. Now after 17 years, Scott has one of the highest levels of skill and knowledge of glass at Caithness. Following the move to Crieff, Scott now runs the factory which involves a great deal of things from, taking charge of the furnaces used in melting the glass for production which is a major skill itself, planning production schedules and making sure that everything happens as it should do.


Martin Murray (MM)

Martin has over 30 years experience as a glass cutter and engraver. As a native Irishman his early training was at Galway Crystal. After moving to the UK in 1974 to work at Kings Lynn factory, Martin moved north to the main Caithness Glass site in 1992. Martin has used his skills and creativity to enhance the Caithness paperweight collection with a variety of cuts and faceted finishes. Proud recipients of this work include several members of the British Royal family!


Robert McAteer (RM)

Having started with Caithness in 1999, Robert spent a year learning the basic skills of gathering from the furnace and putting paperweights into the kiln, he was then promoted on to the maker's bench where his first paperweight was made "Mooncrystal". As time went on Robert learnt several skills and picked things up clearly. Not only can Robert make paperweights but he is also a master at making the more sculptural pieces that Caithness produce including large multi-colour bowls, sculptural fish and figurines.


Fraser Munro (FM)

Fraser first started in the Caithness factory when he was 16 years old in 1999, fresh faced from secondary school. He worked as a helper then a paperweight maker. He proved to be excellent at making the animals that were in the range at that time, and specialised in making the large elephants, these were very large and difficult to control but Fraser made it look easy. In 2008 when Caithness relocated to Crieff, Fraser was made redundant. Just after moving to the new site, Calum broke his wrist and was unable to make anything, we needed help so asked Fraser if he would come back. He was asked to come back for 3 weeks, which turned out to be nearly 3 months! Now after a couple of years away we are delighted that Fraser has come back to work with us full time again.


Dean Gill

Dean is currently mastering the skill of base finishing and has improved greatly. He is already proving to be a valued member of the team. He has been taken under the wing of Martin Murray who will teach him everything there is to know about cutting and polishing glass. Dean is currently mastering the skill of base finishing and in the last few weeks has improved greatly. He will have a long way to go to reach the skill level of Martin but if he keeps going the way he is who knows, it may be sooner than we think! Dean is a local lad, not living too far from the factory, he usually cycles to work, but on lazier morning his Dad runs him to work, his Dad being very familiar with the Crieff Visitor Centre as this is where the pottery used to be based that he worked at many years ago. We’ll keep you up to date with Dean’s progress.


Allan Scott

Allan began as an apprentice Lampworker for Perthshire Paperweights in 1975. He left to help John Deacons form Jay Glass in 1979. He joined Caithness Glass in 1983 and set up the Lampwork department where he designed and made Lampwork for almost 25 years. He is now back working with Caithness to create Lampwork paperweights. 


Peter McDougall

Peter started his career at Strathearn Glass in 1967. One year later Stuart Dryssale was starting a factory exclusively devoted to paperweights. Peter was asked to join them and was to remain with the company until its closure in 2002 attaining the position of Manager and Head Craftsman. Peter started his own studio and continued to make his own Paperweights. He closed his studio in 2012 and now makes Paperweights from the Caithness factory in Crieff. 


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