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How To Make A Twist & Shout

When asked to come up with his own design for the Hot House Collection, Robert jumped at the chance, it wasn’t long until he knew exactly what shape, colours and tools he would like to use. After several sampling sessions and tweaks to the original design, Twist and Shout was created. Robert now has to come up with another design for each separate launch so that his personal collection of designs can grow along with all the other makers in the Hot House Collection. Robert explains how this beautiful paperweight is made.

The purple and blue powder colour and metal plates needed to make Twist and Shout are set up at Robert’s work space.







First Robert takes a gather of glass from the furnace.








The first stage of the design is to use a metal bar to create 4 small indentations that will trap air and create bubbles when the next layer of glass is gathered.







The second gather of glass is taken from the furnace, using tweezers and shears Robert cleans the glass, removing any bubbles and imperfections. Robert then takes the glass to the glory hole and re-heats.






Small dots of blue and purple powder colour have been set up on the marver, Robert now picks up the colour dots up on the end of the molten glass.








The colour is pushed up through the glass with a metal bar.









Compressed air is blown into each of the indents to create bubbles.








The glass is heated and then the bubbles twisted inside the glass by gripping the end with metal tools and turning the iron.








After re-heating the glass is dropped onto a metal chevron plate that has been covered in sand. The sand sticks to the hot molten glass creating the lined pattern.







The final layer of glass is taken from the furnace and shaped with wooden blocks.








To create the teardrop shape, the end of the round weight is pulled out with tweezers until it is the correct length. The end is then knocked off and reheated until it is round and smooth.















Twist and Shout is now finished and ready to put into the Kiln.










...and the final Paperweight can be seen here »



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