Monty - PoochesSarah P Art Glass

(U11061 )

Quick Overview

A cream dog with black ears and nose.
Design Inspiration: Love of animals.

Handmade Boxed Made in Scotland Crystal

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  • Monty - Pooches
  • Monty - Pooches


Crafting Method: This dog has to be made with the help of an assistant. After the body is made, the head is added and the tail is pulled out with tweezers before the black nose is applied to the face. The ears are the last parts to be applied, then the mouth is created by heating below the nose with a torch and pressing a mouth shaped metal tool into the hot glass.

Size and Specification

Collection Pooches
Colour Black, Clear, Cream
Units Single
Info Certificate Card & Personalised Neck Tag
Type Sarah P Art Glass
Limited Edition Number No
Dimensions 110mm (h)
Designer Sarah Peterson